Respecting Autistics

Dear Readers

Today I want to talk about respecting autistic people. People think that because some autistics can’t speak, they are low functioning but this is not true. The only reason they are not speaking is because they have motor planning difficulties. This is interfering with their ability to speak. Let me assure you that they would talk if they could.

The way you treat them is so important. Imagine that you were smart but trapped in your body. Imagine if people spoke to you as if you were a baby. How would that make you feel? That is how the autistic person feels all the time.

Let them know that you see them in there. The thought that they are not seen is frightening. So scary that you might be missed. So scary that you might be trapped in your body forever and no one will ever see you.

Then, when you speak to them, let them know that you know that they are smart. Be respectful of their brains and talk to them like you would talk to anyone of their age. Talk to them about interesting things. Never talk to them like a baby.

Until next time


10 thoughts on “Respecting Autistics

  1. Thank you for educating us. We are sorry for the mistakes we make in treating and responding to you. From your lessons, we can only be better.
    We love you always 💝💕😘


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