Let’s talk about regulation

Dear Readers

I want to talk about regulation. Autistic people have really sensitive bodies. Please be aware that things that you might not be aware of may disturb the autistic person. Anything from a buzzing light to a scratchy label can cause them to be dysregulated.

I am often dysregulated by noises like a truck going past or a baby crying. I am also dysregulated by things going on inside my body. If I am tired or sick or low, I am also dysregulated. I am also dysregulated by other people’s emotions. If people around me are tired or sick or sad I can feel it. You have to remember that many autists are empaths and can sense people’s feelings. I am very tuned into the people I love. Their feelings can really drain me.

I am dysregulated by changes in weather. I can sense changes in atmospheric pressure and in temperature. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder during winter. It makes me feel depressed.

When I am dysregulated, my body is extra silly. It is such hard work to keep it under control. The best way to control my regulation is to talk about how I feel on the letter boards. Then I feel understood. I then relax because I am no longer alone with my emotions. Communication is the key to regulation. I am so grateful for my voice.

Until next time


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about regulation

  1. Hello Akha, it’s always such a learning to hear from you. Your mom told me how much fun you have with the dogs and I see in the picture. I get a dysregulated (relating to your word) around dogs…What do you advise I do to feel more comfortable around dogs.

    With love, Lebohang.


  2. Hola Akha aka Akzen,

    Keep dishing out these superior high quality lessons. The world will slowly become a better place if we all understand the environment we live in.

    Your mature thinking is mind boggling. I wish I had your 5 star brains at my age.

    Keep it up son!


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