SILENCED by Akha Khumalo

How I wish I could talk

I have so many words

They were all there long ago

Just stuck in my head

Trapped in there with no escape

Finding a way to be heard

They were desperate to escape

Not a word released so I can be free

But look! I see you

Here is a letterboard

Words tumbling out like fingers on a keyboard

Music to my ears

One thought on “SILENCED by Akha Khumalo

  1. Akha, you write beautifully. I wanted to tell you a story…I don’t know if you know that Jessica has much older siblings, their names are Jordan and Jemma. Jordan is 21 and Jemma is 18. Then there is Jethro, he is 9. Are you 9 already? There was a time, before I met Deon that I was a single mom with Jordan and Jemma, just like your mom. I remember people always asking me if I wanted a real family. That made me feel not normal. Then one day I realised that I did have a normal family. It was my normal family. It made me realise that everyone has their own opinion on what normal is. I am sure you often wonder about what your normal is. Celebrate what you have, claim it as your normal and continue to be great! You are inspiring many people with your tenacity. Keep loving yourself. Love Auntie Helen


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