Your emotions

Hi Readers

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last blog. I’ve been learning to use the keyboard. It takes a long time to learn a new skill when you have a really silly body. Throw in a pandemic and a family crisis and you’ll understand the delay.

I think this has been a tough time for many people, especially non speaking autistics. We are extra sensitive to changes in the world.

(large tears were rolling down Akha’s face and landing on his t-shirt.

T: What’s going on?

A: I’m emotional because it’s wonderful to talk and be heard and appreciated. You are so good to me Tracy.

T: I’m the lucky one. Do you want to leave that in your blog or keep it private?

A: Leave it in.)

I feel the anxiety of those around me. I feel it like it’s my own emotion. I need the people I love to be open to letting me into their emotions instead of trying to hide them. Everyone tries to be strong for me but that is not what I need. I need to feel real emotions not fake ones. They hurt me. I need you to trust me with your emotions.

Trust your autistic loved one with your emotions. Tell them how you feel and why. Let them carry your feelings in their hearts. They will love you more for it and they will never betray your confidence. Don’t worry – they can’t even if they wanted to! Make the most of your special relationship with your non speaker.

Until next time


3 thoughts on “Your emotions

  1. Hi Akha
    I’m autistic but I can speak with words. Im happy to find you. Although I can speak with words I know the feeling of being lost and that no one will ever know me. I’m glad to find your words and hope the best for others.


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