Hello Readers

I am Akha and I am going to take you on a journey. I am a non-speaking autistic person who lives in South Africa. I got my voice two years ago when I was introduced to Spelling to Communicate. My life has changed completely since then. No more isolation and my brain is respected.

I am so grateful to my mother for never giving up on me, even when my body was being silly. I am also grateful for my speech therapist, Tracy, for always fighting for a better life for me. My teacher Nicola is growing my brain. I have two sisters called Yandi and Phila, who is my twin.

I want to use this blog to discuss non-speaking autism and how it feels like to live in an uncontrollable body.

Until next time,

30 thoughts on “Hello Readers

    1. Wow, my boy. You have humbled us. I am so lucky to be your aunt and to be in your family and see you walk this journey and, at times, walk it with you. Continue to be our inspiration.
      Lots of love


  1. Hi Akha,

    Thank you for your introduction. I will read your blog to my son who is five. He will be so glad to hear about other people who live inside silly bodies as this is his challenge too.


  2. Great stuff Akha! I look forward to hearing what you have to say. I’m a mom to a non speaking autistic boy too. We are also doing S2C to help him find his voice too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You are an inspiration!


    1. Hola Akha!!!! Well done. I am a mom of an unreliable speaking autistic boy and he is using S2C to communicate his deeper thoughts. I will read for him all your articles as we do with Ido’s and Jordyn’s blogs. He want to start his own blog also 🙂 in all.the language that he can understand and spell. You are guys a generation which will make huge changes on the perspective about Autism of the rest of the word.

      God Bless you always and thank you for your blog.


  3. Hi Akha
    You are wonderful and brave for sharing with the rest of the world. My son is nineteen and he uses proloque2go on his ipad to communicate. He will also write to you once I show him your blog.
    Thank you for the inspiration.


  4. This is so exciting! Well done Akha! Looking forward to go on this journey with you as you help us understand autism more! Keep going strong!


  5. Young man, you are such a smart boy, been following you since you were small. I am inspired by your spirit, your amazing character and most importantly, your brains. How i wish i had your intelligence.

    Keep it up my boy!


  6. Halala Akha. Every great journey starts with a single step. I can’t wait to watch you take over the world. Well done to the angel you call mom for being a visionary.


  7. Well done Akha, you’re a true hero indeed! Keep strong, keep shining, and keep helping those of us who do not understand that people are different and we all have so much to give in our own little ways. You are my hero for life, bravo mon chéri!


  8. Congratulations Akha, im so proud of you. You are an amazing brilliant young boy, cant wait to read your next post. All the best to mommy, much love.

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  9. Hi my Akha,

    Although I am far away, you are closly tucked away here in my heart!!! I miss you so much and love all the updates on your spelling.
    I will closely follow you words:)

    So much love
    Tinet from down under


  10. Hey Akha! I’ve been following your journey through your mom as she shares the amazing developments in your life. This brings me such joy. Upwards and Onwards my boy. I’m grinning from ear to ear and have tears of joy as I read your blog. You are giving life to so many autistic kids, their parents and families.
    I wish you and your family all the best❤️❤️ Aunty Zefa

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  11. Hi Akha. Congratulations on your blog and thank you for sharing your journey. You are a true inspiration and I congratulate you and your supportive and loving mom for coming so far and how far you are yet to go. Will always support you. Love Aunty Anele ❤️❤️❤️

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  12. Leadership!!!👊🏽
    Well done Akha, I’ll read your blog to Liya. She’ll be excited to start writing one day.


  13. Hello Akha,
    So wonderful to hear of your blog. You and mommy definitely rock! Courageous and never giving up on what you believe in.

    You are building ( N’Akha ikusasa eliqhakakizile) for friends and families to understand and relate better…
    Always presuming competence!

    Well done Akha and Jabs !


  14. Hi Akha

    Congratulations Akha you’re such an inspiration to all of us who have read your blog keep growing the sky is the limit


  15. Well done Akha!

    Thank you for this blog. It will help many families and educate the greater public. Im looking forward to reading your future posts. Keep going! You are incredible!


  16. Wow, this is giving me goose bumps as I read through so much wonderful words, Akha you are such a shining star, may God and your mom continue to shine His light upon you always. You got so much to offer the world, the sky is the limit boy


  17. Akha, thank you for sharing with us. You are a trooper for persevering. You have always been such a kind soul. I remember you greeting us every morning in the parking lot without fail at school and always with the biggest smile on your face despite your frustrations. You are a true inspiration.
    Helen (Jessica’s mom)


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