In the end, we have to be comfortable with the choices we make. I recently had the situation where my actions were misunderstood. I certainly have a silly body that does silly things, but this was extreme. I was doing embarrassing things around my twin sister. I’m sure it was terrible for her, but it was no fun for me either. Now I have to tell you that my twin and I had always had a super close relationship. After you’ve shared a womb its hard not to be well bounded. I was feeling distance between us, and I hated it. I wanted to fix it but it’s hard to do it when you can’t talk. I found this anxiety about our relationship seeping out as embarrassing behaviour around her.

Can you imagine how it felt to be doing these things knowing she was hating me more every time I did them. It was excruciating, I can tell you. But luckily, Mummy, Tracy and I had a chat and figured out what was going on. I had insight into my terrible behaviour, and it brought such relief. I now know what was going on and I could fix it. So, we set up a meeting with my twin and me. We both had an opportunity to say our side. Others may have thought we fixed it too quickly. I disagree. We just reminded each other who we are. We have shared a whole life, so we just needed a reminder to fix it. I am so grateful. I need her so much. She is the other part of my soul.

I think we need to choose to fight for the important relationships in our lives. They are what makes life worth living.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Bonded

  1. Yet, so many of us who have the ability to speak, choose not to fight for important relationships. Thanks Akha, for always reminding us that we can do more.


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