The Lost Ones

Hi Friends

Today I will discuss something close to my heart. I want to stand in the place of other nonspeakers and advocate for them.

Have you ever seen a nonspeaker who hasn’t found their voice? I have. They are so lost and helpless. I feel their pain so much.

You see, I was once there too. I had a head full of brains and thoughts and ideas. I had emotions and feelings about everything I saw and heard. I wanted to say something in every situation, but I couldn’t. I had no way to communicate. You cannot imagine how that feels. At first you are hopeful but then despair sets in. You start to realise that no one has seen you. You see that the people around you have lost hope too. They are starting to believe what the professionals are telling them. They see your intelligence but get brainwashed into believing the professionals. They hear so often that you are low functioning that they doubt themselves.

So they believe them.

The worst part is hearing yourself described in this way. It breaks your heart in so many ways. All you want is to be seen for who you are. For someone to say “hey, I see you there in your dyspraxic body”.

My story is a happy one. I found that person. Tracy saw me immediately and started to help me out of my prison. I am forever grateful that Mommy brought me to her.

But many are not so lucky. They are stuck in schools that treat them as low functioning. They have doctors say that they are too stupid to learn. They are stuck in prisons of hell. My heart breaks for them. My soul screams with theirs.

“See me”.

“Save me”.

“Help me”.

We need to find them and liberate them from their dyspraxic bodies.

I will not rest until it’s done.

Yours in Activism


4 thoughts on “The Lost Ones

  1. You are such a brave and intelligent person. May you continue to the advocate for many who can’t speak for themselves.


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